Ulysses Companion ID

Companion ID for Ulysses in Fallout: New Vegas.

Ulysses Companion ID

Lonesome Road
The companion ID for Ulysses is xx003E40.


player.placeatme xx003E40

This command will spawn Ulysses on top of you.

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Ulysses is a elusive former Frumentarii of Ceasar's Legion and an integral character in Fallout: New Vegas’ downloadable content packs, particularly in 'Lonesome Road'.

With a complex backstory intertwined with various factions, Ulysses has renounced his allegiance to any particular group, becoming somewhat of a solitary figure.

He is distinguished by his philosophical musings and deep respect for history and symbolism. He blames the player's character, the Courier, for the destruction of his hometown, leading to a dramatic confrontation in the game.


Ulysses is a complex and intriguing character in the game Fallout: New Vegas. A protagonist in the game's expansion packs, specifically Lonesome Road, Ulysses is not present in the main storyline, but his influence and relevance is felt throughout.

Ulysses is a former member of Caesar's Legion and the twisted counterpart to the Courier, who is the main playable character in Fallout: New Vegas. He is deeply philosophically attached to symbols and their meanings, particularly with regards to the old world as represented by 'America' and its post-apocalyptic successor, the nation that Caesar is trying to build.

Physically, Ulysses is a tall, African-American man with a scarred face and dreadlocks tied into a ponytail. He is always seen wearing his distinct duster with an Old World American flag on the back, as well as a gas mask.

But his appearance doesn't define him as much as his ideologies and intellect. Ulysses is a keen observer of history who believes that learning from the past, ugly as it may be, is crucial to building a better future. He remarks on how the obsession with old world values has lead the current world to ruin and is not shy to express his disapproval.

Ulysses holds a grudge against the Courier, whom he blames for unintentionally destroying a community that Ulysses was fond of, known as The Divide. Therefore, through most of the game, the player experiences his disdain and hears stories of you from a perspective different from others. His ultimate goal in Fallout: New Vegas is to wipe the slate clean by obliterating both the NCR (New California Republic) and Caesar's Legion, the two warring factions in the game.

Despite being a man of many conflicts, he offers the player deep insights into the lore of Fallout, its factions, and its history. This, coupled with his mysteriously compelling nature, makes Ulysses one of the most acclaimed characters in Fallout: New Vegas.

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