Deputy Beagle Companion ID

Companion ID for Deputy Beagle in Fallout: New Vegas.

Deputy Beagle Companion ID

The companion ID for Deputy Beagle is 000D7F57.


player.placeatme 000D7F57

This command will spawn Deputy Beagle on top of you.

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Deputy Beagle is the deputy of Primm and was supposed to protect the town but is found as a hostage in the Bison Steve Hotel when the protagonist arrives.

He's portrayed as somewhat of a coward with a cautious nature and high emphasis on self-preservation.

Despite being a deputy, he lacks combat skills and can easily be killed in any combat situation if not protected.


Deputy Beagle is a non-playable character you'll encounter in Fallout: New Vegas. You will find him in Primm, where he is held captive by convicts in the Bison Steve Hotel, and rescuing him is a part of the main quest, "My Kind of Town."

Strangely enough, even though Deputy Beagle has the title of "deputy," he isn't particularly brave or law-abiding. His character is a mix of a cowardly behavior with a sense of self-preservation. Instead of defending Primm when it was overrun by the escapees from the NCR Correctional Facility, he was easily taken hostage, who used him to know about the functioning of Primm.

In conversation, Beagle often comes across as nervous and somewhat manipulative, attempting to get the player to deal with Primm's convict problem and expressing reluctance to engage in any activities that might put him in danger. Ironically, he speaks with a confident, cowboy-like accent and his dialogue suggests that he sees himself as a heroic figure in spite of his cowardice.

If you rescue him without immediately assuring him that you will handle the convict problem, he will offer to join you as a temporary companion on the condition that he doesn't have to fight directly. Also, if Beagle dies before he is rescued, the player must find the note on his corpse to progress the "My Kind of Town" quest which details the direction Benny, the man who shot the courier, is heading.

Deputy Beagle carries a distinctive duster and cowboy hat that, along with their sheriff badges, marks them as law enforcement in Primm. However, he isn't particularly efficient with his small guns and has very low health - this amplified with his tendency to rush into fights makes him quite susceptible to getting killed if the player isn't careful.

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