Securitron Mk II Companion ID

Companion ID for Securitron Mk II in Fallout: New Vegas.

Securitron Mk II Companion ID

The companion ID for Securitron Mk II is 001787EC.


player.placeatme 001787EC

This command will spawn Securitron Mk II on top of you.

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Securitron Mk II is an upgrade of the Securitron, a robot model in Fallout: New Vegas. They are heavily armed robots produced by the pre-war company, RobCo.

The Mk II version is equipped with superior armor, Glastinghouse Inc. X-25 Gatling lasers, auto-repair units, and M-235 missile launchers, making them tougher than the initial Securitron models.

They serve to secure New Vegas on behalf of Mr. House, the ruler of the Strip. The Securitron Mk II are more resistant to damage and have greater firepower than their Mk I counterparts.


The Securitron Mk II, introduced in Fallout: New Vegas, is a heavily armed security robot designed and mass-produced by the pre-War genius Dr. Robert House. These bipedal machines play a prominent role in the game's story, serving primarily as House's primary enforcers in the New Vegas Strip and the surrounding Mojave Wasteland.

The Securitron Mk II is an upgraded version of the base Securitron model, boasting improved armor and weaponry. They are round-shaped robots that utilize monowheel movement and are equipped with an array of tools and weapons hidden inside compartments on their bodies. The face of a Securitron features a screen, which is capable of displaying various faces for emotive communication.

These robots are armed with 9mm submachine guns, missile launchers, and gatling lasers, giving them firepower at both close and long ranges. The Securitron Mk II's missile launcher and gatling laser are the primary upgrades from the Mk I model, bestowing them with incredibly destructive capabilities.

Besides the superior firepower, the Mk II units are also equipped with an auto-repair subroutine. This allows them to repair themselves during combat, thus increasing their overall durability. They also have the ability to alert each other during a threat, which makes them a formidable, cohesive force.

Another major characteristic of the Securitron Mk II is its advanced AI, which is capable of carrying out sophisticated instructions and even facilitating high-level conversations with human beings. This sophisticated AI, coupled with their strong firepower, auto-repair abilities, and robust defensive mechanisms, make the Securitron Mk II a significant presence within the world of Fallout: New Vegas.

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