Little Beard Companion ID

Companion ID for Little Beard in Fallout: New Vegas.

Little Beard Companion ID

The companion ID for Little Beard is 001258B3.


player.placeatme 001258B3

This command will spawn Little Beard on top of you.

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Little Beard is a character who is part of the "Great Khans" faction. He is a chem dealer found in Red Rock Canyon.

Known for his hostility and crude behavior, he sells a variety of chems including psycho, jet, and radix.

However, unlike most dealers, he doesn't offer stimpacks. The player can increase their reputation with the Great Khans to receive discounts on Little Beard's items.


Little Beard is a minor non-playable character in Fallout: New Vegas. The information about Little Beard is rather limited as his role in the game is not prominent and he does not interact directly with the player.

Despite being a minor character, Little Beard, like all characters in Fallout New Vegas, has a distinct, defined appearance. He's characteristically seen wearing metal armor and a bandana. He is equipped with a sawed-off shotgun, proving to be moderately challenging for the player.

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