Rhonda Companion ID

Companion ID for Rhonda in Fallout: New Vegas.

Rhonda Companion ID

The companion ID for Rhonda is 000E84A2.


player.placeatme 000E84A2

This command will spawn Rhonda on top of you.

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Rhonda is a unique maintenance robot primarily found in Black Mountain in Fallout: New Vegas. She is the companion and personal project of Tabitha, the leader of the “State of Utobitha” who refers to Rhonda as her best friend.

Originally designed for maintenance work, combat, and companionship, Rhonda has been offline for several years until the player can choose to repair her. Rhonda plays a critical role in the side quest "Crazy, Crazy, Crazy".


Rhonda is a unique character featured in the popular video game Fallout: New Vegas.

She's an Automated RobCo Assaultron, a type of robot designed for combat purposes. However, Rhonda's purpose wasn't combat; rather, she acted as the personal assistant and friend to Tabitha, a nightkin who was previously a high-ranking member of the Master's army.

Throughout the game, Rhonda is displayed as an inactive robot in the storage building of Black Mountain, a location that is under the control of Tabitha. It's revealed during the course of the game's storyline that Rhonda broke down at some point, which led to Tabitha's mental condition deteriorating rapidly. Tabitha begins to speak to the broken Rhonda and considers her to still be "alive," showcasing Tabitha's mental instability.

Players encounter a quest where they can choose to repair Rhonda, which has significant effects on the story. If repaired, Tabitha's sanity gets restored. She recognises the Courier (the player character) as someone who has helped her and she leaves Black Mountain peaceably, ending her reign of terror over the other nightkin and mutants.

Contrary to her menacing appearance as an Assaultron, Rhonda’s vocal settings are that of a cheerful, kind, and understanding middle-aged woman. She is programmed to cater to all of Tabitha's needs with unquestioning loyalty.

It's worth noting that although Rhonda is a full-fledged character within the context of the game's storyline, she does not interact in any substantial way with the player beyond limited dialogue during the quest involving her repair.

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