Bodyguard Companion ID

Companion ID for Bodyguard in Fallout: New Vegas.

Bodyguard Companion ID

The companion ID for Bodyguard is 0010E707.


player.placeatme 0010E707

This command will spawn Bodyguard on top of you.

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A Bodyguard is typically an NPC (Non-playable Character) that protects another important character. They might be associated with various factions or independent entities within the game.

Bodyguards are highly skilled in combat, often equipped with strong weapons and armor. Their main role is to provide protection during hostile encounters and usually respond aggressively when their assignee is threatened.

However, they don't usually interact significantly in the storyline, except as protective entities. They can also be found in major settlements throughout the Mojave Wasteland.


As a non-playable character in Fallout New Vegas, the Bodyguard is typically employed by various important individuals or factions within the game to provide protection. There isn't a specific character in the game titled "Bodyguard", but rather, several characters taking up the role as a bodyguard. Some of these NPCs include the Chairman bodyguards in The Tops casino, Omerta thugs in the Gomorrah casino, or Securitrons in various locations around the New Vegas Strip.

Part of various subplots and tasks depending on their employer, bodyguards can appear hostile or friendly based on your allegiance and the game situation. For example, if you act aggressively or if you're caught doing illegal activities, these bodyguards normally turn hostile.

As for the attributes, the health, perks, level, weapons and behavior can vary depending on the individual character, their affiliations and locations.

One of the interesting aspects of the game is that you can hire your companions to act as your bodyguards. They come with their own unique backstories, skills, and personal quests. This adds an interesting depth to the gameplay and the player's strategic approach.

In general, each bodyguard plays a role within the larger context of Fallout New Vegas's storyline, helping to give the dusty post-apocalyptic world a sense of realistic social structure. It is up to you, as the player, to decide how to interact with them, either as potential allies, obstacles, or, in some cases, as enemies.

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