Logan Companion ID

Companion ID for Logan in Fallout: New Vegas.

Logan Companion ID

The companion ID for Logan is 0013FE7A.


player.placeatme 0013FE7A

This command will spawn Logan on top of you.

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Logan is a minor character in Fallout: New Vegas who is found in the Sierra Madre Casino during the "Dealing with Contreras" quest.

He's a prospector who is looking for valuable goods that he can sell. Despite his seemingly calm demeanor, Logan has a ruthless side and has no qualms about putting others in danger for his own gains.


Logan is a scavenger character found in Fallout: New Vegas - the third major installment in the Fallout series. He is a non-playable character who plays a significant role in the side quest "Wheel of Fortune". Logan is introduced as part of this mission and described as being the leader of a group of prospectors.

Logan is always in search of technologies, old world items, and valuables to sell. His group roams around the Mohave, scavenging and selling items that were untouched by others. His attitude is a mix of strong ambition and selfishness, often leading his group into dangerous situations for the promise of high reward.

In the "Wheel of Fortune" quest, he will request the player's help in investigating a group of ghoul-infested vaults which he believes contains a treasure trove of pre-war tech. During the quest, Logan's character is further unveiled. He will force the player to don radiation suits while he stays safe, and ultimately betray the player after all the work is done, displaying a cruel and treacherous side.

Logan's character offers players a peek into the greedier, darker side of survival in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout: New Vegas. His actions serve as a stark reminder of the human capacity for greed and deceit in a desperate bid for survival.

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