NCR Ranger Companion ID

Companion ID for NCR Ranger in Fallout: New Vegas.

NCR Ranger Companion ID

The companion ID for NCR Ranger is 00152C95.


player.placeatme 00152C95

This command will spawn NCR Ranger on top of you.

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The NCR Ranger is a highly skilled and elite character in the game Fallout New Vegas. They are part of the New California Republic's special forces and known for their extraordinary survival and combat skills.

They are identifiable by their distinctive Ranger Armor and helmet.

They typically carry powerful weapons and they are generally best avoided by lower level players due to their high combat proficiency.


The NCR Ranger, also known as the Veteran Ranger, is a special forces unit from the New California Republic in Fallout: New Vegas. The NCR, or New California Republic, is a democratic federation and one of the major factions in Fallout: New Vegas. The rangers are its elite troops, renowned for their skills and valor.

Appearance: NCR Rangers are easily identifiable by their distinctive black armor, the Ranger Combat Armor, formally known as the "Black Armor." It's a highly advanced suit that gives the user a significant advantage in combat. The helmet is similar to a riot gear helmet and the built-in red shining eyes give the Rangers an intimidating appearance.

Skills and Abilities: NCR Rangers are highly skilled in combat, with proficiency in various forms of weaponry, tactics, and stealth. They are some of the most fearsome opponents in the game due to their high health, responsive AI, and deadly use of various weapons. They also have a high perception ability, so they can spot enemies at farther distances.

Role in the Game: The NCR Rangers can be allies or enemies depending on the player's choices and reputation with the NCR. They often deploy to protect the NCR's territorial interests, so interaction with them can't be avoided. If the player has a good reputation with the NCR, they will assist the player in combat and grant access to Ranger Safehouses.

Background: NCR Rangers are typically chosen from the finest troops that the NCR has to offer. Many of these seasoned warriors have prior combat experience or have shown exceptional effectiveness in the field. They are valued highly in the NCR's military hierarchy for their incredible prowess and dedication to keeping peace and order.

The NCR Rangers, with their iconic black armor, expert combat proficiency, high perception and skilled tactics, are one of the most recognizable and powerful units in Fallout: New Vegas. Their presence on the battlefield is always a game changer whether you're fighting with them or against them.

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