Cannibal Johnson Companion ID

Companion ID for Cannibal Johnson in Fallout: New Vegas.

Cannibal Johnson Companion ID

The companion ID for Cannibal Johnson is 001010B7.


player.placeatme 001010B7

This command will spawn Cannibal Johnson on top of you.

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Cannibal Johnson is a member of the Enclave, a powerful and often antagonistic group in the Fallout series. Johnson lives secluded within Cannibal Johnson's Cave in the Mojave Wasteland.

Despite his terrifying nickname, he comes off as a generally good natured and moral individual. He earned his nickname due to a threatening tactic he used against his enemies.

This character is tied to the scripts of some quests, like For Auld Lang Syne where the player can recruit him to help in the final battle. Despite his sometimes harsh demeanor, Johnson possesses a strong sense of honor and justice.


Cannibal Johnson is a former Enclave soldier living in Cannibal Johnson's Cave in Mojave Wasteland in the game Fallout: New Vegas. He is an elderly and reserved character with a rather unusual and somewhat disturbing nickname that is derived from a tale from his past.

In terms of backstory, Cannibal Johnson served alongside Arcade Gannon's father in the Enclave. He earned his nickname due to an incident that took place during a mission. The mission involved a lot of combat and as the resources dwindled, the group was left with no food to eat. Amidst confusion and desperation, one of the soldiers suggested that they resort to cannibalism. However, Johnson, who had disliked the guy, ended up killing him and the others agreed to claim that they ate him when, in reality, they had just thrown his body in a ditch, earning Johnson his unsettling moniker.

When the Enclave fell apart, Johnson moved to the Mojave Wasteland. He is one of several remnants of the Enclave still existing in the game. Despite their history, he respects Arcade Gannon as he understands the character's distant attitude towards Enclave is due to his father’s death.

In terms of his abilities, Cannibal Johnson is a level 10 character with high combat skills. He is armed with a minigun during the final battle if called upon by the player. As an ally, he can be a formidable force in combat situations.

The character's personality is gruff and hardened due to his war-torn past, but he is not without a moral compass. His deep-seated hatred for the Enclave stems from their disregard for human life and their brutal methods. He remains a loner throughout the game, tainted by the experiences he had during the war.

In terms of interactions, a player can encounter Johnson and recruit him for the reminiscences fight during the "For Auld Lang Syne" quest, if they have positive relations with Arcade Gannon. Otherwise, Johnson remains hidden in his cave.

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