The King Companion ID

Companion ID for The King in Fallout: New Vegas.

The King Companion ID

The companion ID for The King is 0010C762.


player.placeatme 0010C762

This command will spawn The King on top of you.

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The King is a significant non-player character in Fallout: New Vegas. He is the charismatic leader of the Kings, a gang based in Freeside inspired by Elvis Presley.

Despite his rough exterior, he values peace and is willing to go out of his way to avoid unnecessary violence. He acquired his nickname "The King" due to his admiration and imitation of "The King of Rock 'n' Roll."

This character mainly operates from the King's School of Impersonation. His dog, Rex, is also a key part of his character arc.


The King is a non-playable character (NPC) in the popular action role-playing video game Fallout: New Vegas. He is considered the leader of a gang called the "Kings", who have adapted an Elvis Presley kind of lifestyle, hence his name. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic era around Las Vegas, now called New Vegas.

The King resides in "The King's School of Impersonation" located in Freeside, which is a run-down suburb near New Vegas. Prior to the Great War, this place was an Elvis Presley impersonation school.

Physically, The King stands out because of his aesthetic persona, copying Elvis Presley's trademark hairstyle, clothing, and even mimicking his accent and speaking style. He wears a hairdo of black slicked back hair, sideburns, a black jacket with a high collar, and a pair of jeans. His dog, named Rex, is always by his side, and is a part of various quests related to The King.

As a leader, The King is known for his fairness, charisma, and his desire to protect Freeside's residents from the injustices inflicted upon them by the New California Republic (NCR) and other forces. Although often coming off as tough and somewhat ruthless, The King has a strong sense of justice and is usually willing to help those in need. He can give the player various tasks, and depending on how those tasks are executed, the player can earn The King's trust - which can have significant implications on the story development.

In terms of personality, The King is somewhat arrogant, largely patriotic towards his gang and is humourously ignorant of the fact that his gang's customs are based on those of Elvis Presley. Despite this, he still has a protective nature over his gang members and the inhabitants of Freeside, and retains a strong moral compass.

The King plays a significant role in the game in terms of various major quests. Through these quests, the actions of the player can shape the nature of the relationship with The King and his gang. This relationship can not only influence the gang's activities, but also the overall balance of power in New Vegas.

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