NCR trooper Companion ID

Companion ID for NCR trooper in Fallout: New Vegas.

NCR trooper Companion ID

The companion ID for NCR trooper is 0015E238.


player.placeatme 0015E238

This command will spawn NCR trooper on top of you.

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The NCR (New California Republic) Trooper is a non-playable character in Fallout New Vegas. They represent the infantry of the NCR's military.

These characters can typically be found in NCR bases and outposts throughout the Mojave Wasteland. Equipped with basic armor and weapons, they can both assist and pose a threat to the player, depending on the player's relationship with the NCR.

NCR Troopers patrol their territories and safeguard their strongholds while ensuring law and order in their domains, making them a significant part of the game's overall narrative and environment.


The NCR Trooper is a character class within the expansive world of Fallout New Vegas. It stands for New California Republic Trooper, who is essentially a foot soldier for the New California Republic, a large, democratic federation based in California with holdings in Nevada, Oregon, Mexico (Baja California) and along the Colorado River. The New California Republic (NCR) is one of the main factions in the game and has its own military.

NCR troopers are NPCs (Non-player characters), and you encounter them throughout the various regions of the game, including the Mojave Wasteland, the Hoover Dam, and the NCR Correctional Facility. They are the frontline soldiers, wearing standard NCR trooper fatigues, a brown uniform modeled after U.S army's military gear in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout. Some wear ranger combat armors, while others wear NCR bandoliers or face wraps. Their common weapon is a service rifle, along with a combat knife for close quarters.

As NPCs, NCR Troopers have a relatively standard artificial intelligence package: they follow a daily routine, have a scripted path that they follow, patrol the areas, and will aid in combat when required. They may engage with the player based on the player’s reputation with the NCR, which can vary from friendly to hostile depending on the player's actions during the gameplay.

They play a crucial role in securing and holding locations, fighting against major antagonist forces like Caesar's Legion, and contributing to the central conflict that drives the game's storyline. By interacting with these characters, players can gain a deeper understanding of the political and social dynamics at play within the Fallout New Vegas world. While you can't exactly "be" an NCR Trooper as protagonist, your actions can align you with the NCR's goals. Thereby you may either choose to support them or oppose them in your quest, defining your game's path and finale.

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