Roxie Companion ID

Companion ID for Roxie in Fallout: New Vegas.

Roxie Companion ID

Old World Blues
The companion ID for Roxie is xx00A380.


player.placeatme xx00A380

This command will spawn Roxie on top of you.

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Roxie is a unique cyberdog in Fallout: New Vegas, added by the Old World Blues add-on. She is created in the X-8 research center, in a splicing experiment conducted by the player.

Roxie is loyal and immediately friendly toward the player, and can be used as a temporary companion during exploration of the Big MT. She is not a standard companion and therefore, does not have a Companion Wheel.

Despite not having the statistics of a full companion, she forms a powerful addition to the player's support in the Big MT. After each experiment at X-8, she returns to her kennel.


Roxie is a unique character in the game Fallout: New Vegas. She is a cyberdog that the Courier, the main character in the game, can create as an optional companion in the add-on Old World Blues.

Roxie is not your usual companion, she may not have the advanced dialogue features and interactions that others have, but she offers a unique experience by her creation and existence. This process involves assembling her parts after collecting them in the X-8 research center in Big MT. She is the result of player's ability to interact with and change elements of the game world, representing a manually-created companion, so players can take a sort of pride in having assembled her themselves.

Her allegiance is with the Courier and, like Rex, a similar cyberdog companion character, namely she helps the player character exploring the Big MT and fighting against its many dangers. However, unlike most companions, Roxie doesn't have the ability to carry the player's items and cannot be ordered to wait or to change her fighting style.

It should also be noted that Roxie does not travel with the Courier outside of Big MT. And, as other cybernetic dogs, Roxie does not require sustenance, nor does she get affected by poison or radiation. These features contribute to the ease of maintenance associated with her.

Roxie's health and combat performance will increase along with the player's level, making her a reliable ally in the treacherous terrains of Big MT. She will also revive/resurrect after a short while if she gets killed during any encounters, a feature that makes her irreplaceable. All in all, Roxie is a unique, customizable in-game companion which adds another entertaining and immersive facet to Fallout: New Vegas.

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