Big Beard Companion ID

Companion ID for Big Beard in Fallout: New Vegas.

Big Beard Companion ID

The companion ID for Big Beard is 001258B2.


player.placeatme 001258B2

This command will spawn Big Beard on top of you.

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Big Beard is a smuggler who can be found with his partner Little Beard at the NCR sharecropper farms.

Both characters are part of the quest "Someone to Watch Over Me" where the Player’s job is to assist the daughter of Crimson Caravan's boss, Alice McLafferty, in a smuggling operation.


Big Beard is a minor non-playable character that you'll encounter in the popular post-apocalyptic role-playing game, "Fallout: New Vegas." Introduced in the 'I Fought the Law' quest, Big Beard is one of the two NCR hired guns who were captured by the Powder Gangers in the NCR Correctional Facility.

Big Beard, with his distinguishable beard feature, is a mercenary along with his partner Little Beard. Their designations are playfully based on the sizes of their facial hair - Big Beard having a large, full beard.

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