Private Halford Companion ID

Companion ID for Private Halford in Fallout: New Vegas.

Private Halford Companion ID

The companion ID for Private Halford is 0013F323.


player.placeatme 0013F323

This command will spawn Private Halford on top of you.

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Private Halford is a non-playable character in Fallout: New Vegas. He is a member of the New California Republic (NCR) who can be found in Camp Guardian, but only during the side quest "Help For Halford".

In the game, his squad is wiped out by lakelurks and he's the only survivor, stuck in the caves below camp. He's extremely wounded when the player finds him.

Depending on the player's actions, Halford can either be assisted to escape or left to die. He is known to bridge the gap with humor and sarcasm even in dire situations and is recognized for his signature weapon, Halford's Note.


Private Halford is a minor character featured in the game, Fallout New Vegas. He's part of the New California Republic Army and is found at Camp Guardian, which is located at the top of Guardian Peak in the northeastern part of the map.

When you meet Halford, he's the sole survivor of his unit that was wiped out by Lakelurks, a species of mutant based on the snapping turtle. A defining moment in his story arc is when he asks the player to retrieve a set of dog tags from his fallen comrades who were killed by the Lakelurks. Through this quest, named "Help for Halford", he can provide some details about the camp and the forces that led to its downfall.

In terms of combat, Private Halford is equipped with a combat knife and wears an NCR trooper fatigues. He's also classified as a companion by the game mechanics even though he never officially joins the courier, which means that he cannot be killed by anyone except by the player's command.

As a character, Private Halford represents the more personal, tragic stories that can be found within the overarching narrative of Fallout New Vegas. His storyline provides insight into the challenges and struggles faced by the NCR in their expansion and control over the Mojave Wasteland. His desperate situation drives home the threats and dangers of the world of Fallout New Vegas.

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