Waking Cloud Companion ID

Companion ID for Waking Cloud in Fallout: New Vegas.

Waking Cloud Companion ID

Honest Hearts
The companion ID for Waking Cloud is xx009665.


player.placeatme xx009665

This command will spawn Waking Cloud on top of you.

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Waking Cloud is a non-playable character in the game Fallout: New Vegas, specifically in the Honest Hearts add-on. She belongs to the Sorrows Tribe and serves as a companion to the player.

Waking Cloud is a formidable fighter skilled in stealth, survival, and melee combat. She also has unique knowledge of the flora in Zion Canyon that she uses to create useful remedies.

Her personal quest is "Rite of Passage," where she discovers the fate of her family. With a peaceful nature and a strong sense of duty towards her tribe, Waking Cloud proves to be a well-rounded character in the game.


Waking Cloud is a non-player character (NPC) in Fallout: New Vegas' expansion pack, Honest Hearts. She is a member of the Sorrows tribe, native to the Zion Canyon in Utah, and primarily acts as the player's guide throughout the duration of the Honest Hearts' storyline. Waking Cloud is also available as a temporary companion for the player during this quest line.

Presented as a mature, wise, and caring figure, Waking Cloud serves as a bridge between her tribe's spiritual traditions and the practical survival skills needed in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout. She is a master Survivalist and has the ability to concoct healing items if asked by the player. This proves her to be a valuable asset during gameplay.

In terms of personality, Waking Cloud is deeply devoted to her tribal traditions and beliefs, fully adhering to the Sorrows' pacifistic philosophy, which encompasses the idea that violence is a last resort. Nevertheless, she showcases immense bravery and resilience when it comes to defending her tribe and family.

Throughout the Honest Hearts's storyline, Waking Cloud experiences a series of personal trials. She discovers that two of her three children are dead, with the fate of the third uncertain. Her loving husband had been turned into a White Leg, which he did willingly to ensure their children’s survival. This causes her to question her husband and the tribe’s pacifistic ways.

In terms of appearance, Waking Cloud dresses in typical Sorrows' attire with tribal markings painted on her face. She sports a unique hairstyle — clean and shaved on the left side, with longer hair on the right — which distinguishes her from other members of the Sorrows tribe.

While she appears hardened and battle-ready, Waking Cloud also reveals a softer side through her affectionate care towards her tribe's children, manifesting her parental instincts. Whether or not she reunites with her family depends on the decisions made by the player during the Honest Hearts storyline.

Her strengths as a character include her durability in combat and her excellent healing abilities which come in handy during fights. However, her hesitance and reluctance to fight might sometimes become a disadvantage, depending on the situation.

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