Rex Companion ID

Companion ID for Rex in Fallout: New Vegas.

Rex Companion ID

The companion ID for Rex is 00118E71.


player.placeatme 00118E71

This command will spawn Rex on top of you.

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Rex, also known as Cyber-Hound Mk III, is a cybernetic dog and potential companion of the Courier in Fallout: New Vegas. Previously Caesar's Legion's attack dog,

Rex was provided to the King, the leader of the Kings in Freeside. Rex has a brain condition that deteriorates over time but can be mitigated by replacing his brain with a new one, which can be obtained during the quest "Nothin' But A Hound Dog."

With different potential brains to find, each one provides a distinct bonus to Rex's abilities.


Rex, which stands for "Recycle Eyebot" or "Robotic Electronic Extraction", is a unique character in the world of Fallout: New Vegas. He is not your typical human character but is rather a cybernetic dog who joins you as a potential companion in your journey. He is a heavily modified Boston Terrier with an AI-enhanced brain that allows him to engage in combat and follow commands proficiently.

Rex belongs to The King, a character you meet in Freeside, who is heavily inspired by the real-world music legend Elvis Presley. He has been with The King for years, acting as his trusty companion and protector. Rex is able to understand and carry out complex orders, which sets him apart from normal dogs.

However, Rex's history goes even further back. He was a police dog before the Great War, and served in the Denver City Police Department. He is over 200 years old and has been kept functional through numerous repairs and modifications, including the replacement of his organic brain with a cybernetic one.

In terms of gameplay, Rex makes for a loyal and deadly companion. His ability to deal significant melee damage and to spot unusual items (like chems, ammunition or food) from afar makes him a valuable asset in exploring the Mojave Wasteland. He does, however, have a significant weakness: his old age and numerous battles have led to hardware and software degradation which is reflected in his declining health. The quest "Nothin' But a Hound Dog" must be completed to cure Rex's ailing condition.

Rex's skills, loyalty and unique history make him one of the most well-loved and fascinating characters in Fallout: New Vegas.

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