Joshua Graham Companion ID

Companion ID for Joshua Graham in Fallout: New Vegas.

Joshua Graham Companion ID

The companion ID for Joshua Graham is xx008A39.


player.placeatme xx008A39

This command will spawn Joshua Graham on top of you.

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Nicknamed the "Burned Man," Joshua Graham is a former legionnaire and co-founder of Caesar's Legion alongside Edward Sallow, who later turned on him.

Distinguished by his bandaged appearance due to being set on fire and thrown into the Grand Canyon, Graham survived and became the war chief of the Dead Horses tribe.

He speaks in a quiet, calm manner but is known for his brutality and uncompromising nature in battle.


Joshua Graham, also known as The Burned Man, is a central character in the Fallout: New Vegas DLC, Honest Hearts. He is a former legate of Caesar's Legion and co-founder of the Legion alongside Edward Sallow, who would later become Caesar.

Joshua Graham is a man of faith, known for his calm demeanor, stoic resilience, and religious devotion - he is constantly seen reading a Mormon scripture, 'The Book of Mormon.' He is heavily scarred and bandaged due to being set on fire and thrown into the Grand Canyon as a punishment for his failure during the First Battle of Hoover Dam - an event which led to him being called 'The Burned Man.'

In terms of his skills and abilities, Graham is incredibly tough (owing to his in-game perk 'Eye for an Eye') and is an exceptional gunslinger, able to deal significant damage with a .45 Auto pistol. He is also skilled in unarmed combat, melee weapons usage, survival, and has significant medicine skills.

His armor, 'Joshua Graham's Armor', provides great damage threshold and resistance with minimal to no drawbacks/threats. On top of that, his habit to wear a white shirt with red tie and bandages all over his body makes him a unique and notable figure.

His role in the game, particularly in the Honest Hearts DLC, is largely one of redemption. Shunned and left for dead by Caesar's Legion, he found solace and a new purpose rendering help to the tribes of Zion, becoming a war chief of the Dead Horses tribe. The player's interactions with Graham can significantly influence the outcomes of quests in the DLC, and his survivalist lifestyle provides the player with valuable lessons for surviving in the Mojave.

Despite his past and violent actions as a legate, Graham is shown to deeply regret his past and aims to protect Zion as a way of atonement. However, it is clear that his years in the Legion have left him with a capacity for brutality. This duality makes Joshua Graham one of the more morally complex characters in Fallout: New Vegas.

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