Dean Domino Companion ID

Companion ID for Dean Domino in Fallout: New Vegas.

Dean Domino Companion ID

The companion ID for Dean Domino is xx0012FE.


player.placeatme xx0012FE

This command will spawn Dean Domino on top of you.

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Dean Domino is a ghoulified pre-war lounge singer found in the Sierra Madre. Domino is sarcastic, devious, and cunning, known for his manipulative tendencies and his survival skills.

He is also one of the few characters who has prior knowledge about the hazards of the Sierra Madre. Despite his ghoulified state, he has maintained his charm and wit, and his past musical career still shines through his character.


Dean Domino is a pre-War lounge singer turned ghoulified scavenger in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.

Before the Great War, Dean was a well-known entertainer in Hollywood, particularly noted for his singing voice and charm. However, despite his success, he was an envious and greedy individual; upon hearing of the treasures that Frederick Sinclair, the founder of the Sierra Madre Casino, had accumulated, he became determined to steal them.

When the war struck, Dean survived but became a ghoul — a mutant transformed by radiation. Even as a ghoul, he retained his cunning and treacherous personality, continuing his plans to rob the Sierra Madre. He created alliances, planned betrayals, and even used other individuals, such as Christine Royce and the player character, the Courier, to achieve his goals.

Dean Domino is a man of many skills and he primarily serves as a companion during the Dead Money mission. He retains his singing ability, as evident by some of the numbers on the Sierra Madre's radio station, and his centuries of existence have left him with a heighted sense of perception and experiences that help him get out of sticky situations.

In terms of gameplay, Dean has the ability called "Unclean Living," which helps you survive in the poisonous cloud enveloping the Sierra Madre. His preferred weapon is a police pistol, but he's also skilled in unarmed combat. One of the aspects that make Domino a significant character within the game is the impact he has on the narrative and the multitude of different ways that the player can interact with him depending upon their choices.

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