Rose of Sharon Cassidy Companion ID

Companion ID for Rose of Sharon Cassidy in Fallout: New Vegas.

Rose of Sharon Cassidy Companion ID

The companion ID for Rose of Sharon Cassidy is 00133FDD.


player.placeatme 00133FDD

This command will spawn Rose of Sharon Cassidy on top of you.

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Rose of Sharon Cassidy, also known as Cass, is a caravan merchant and the potential companion who you can recruit in Fallout: New Vegas.

She is the daughter of John Cassidy (a companion from Fallout 2) and inherits his combat skills and alcoholism. Cass possesses strong morals and a sarcastic wit.

She provides Bohemian Party Time and Whiskey Rose perks when with the player. She is heavily involved in the side quest "Heartaches by the Number" where you can determine her personal fate.


Rose of Sharon Cassidy, also known simply as "Cass" or Cassidy, is a companion character available in Fallout: New Vegas. She is the tough and independent-minded daughter of John Cassidy, who was a companion in Fallout 2. Cass is the former owner of Cassidy Caravans, a business enterprise that met with an unfortunate end in the Wasteland.

Cass is a hardened caravan owner, admired for her spirit and resilience in the face of adversity and danger. She is seasoned, resourceful, and quick-witted, making her a helpful ally in the post-apocalyptic world. Known for her love of whiskey, she's also a bit of a heavy drinker, often using alcohol to numb her frustrations with the world.

The heart on her chest actually represents her spirit and vigor for life rather than romance, and her voice lines often depict a gritty realism with a touch of dry sarcasm. She carries a lever-action rifle named the "Lever-Action Shotgun," which she is highly proficient with, making her an excellent long-distance companion in combat situations.

Cass has a complicated backstory. Her caravan was attacked, her men killed, and she was the only survivor, leading to her drowning her sorrows in the Mojave Outpost bar when you first meet her. She has strong negative feelings towards the Van Graffs, as she suspects they played a role in her caravan's destruction.

If you opt to recruit Cass as a follower, she will provide the "Whiskey Rose" perk, which gives you the ability to consume alcoholic beverages without the risk of developing an addiction, and also doubles the health benefits you receive from drinking them.

Her quests in the game include "Heartache by the Number" and "You Can Depend On Me". These quests delve into investigating the attack on her caravan and the broader conspiracies concerning the caravan companies in the Mojave Desert. Help her resolve the issues, and you'll have a loyal, highly competent companion for your travels.

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