Follows-Chalk Companion ID

Companion ID for Follows-Chalk in Fallout: New Vegas.

Follows-Chalk Companion ID

The companion ID for Follows-Chalk is xx0094D0.


player.placeatme xx0094D0

This command will spawn Follows-Chalk on top of you.

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Follows-Chalk is a tribesman of the Dead Horses, living in Zion Canyon in 2281. He acts as a guide and companion to the player during their journey in Zion, boasting skills in various weapons and survival techniques.

He is also fascinated with the civilization beyond Zion and constantly seeks knowledge about different places from the player.


Follows-Chalk is a non-playable character in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts. He belongs to a faction known as Dead Horse Tribe and is one of the first individuals you encounter in the Honest Hearts DLC.

Follows-Chalk is a tribal scout and hunter for the Dead Horses. The chalk-like wavy lines on his body represent his tribe. He got his name during a hunt when he chased a wounded bighorn for a long way, leaving easy-to-follow tracks - thus he was dubbed 'Follows-Chalk.’

From the dialogues, the player gets to know that Follows-Chalk is very curious and desirous of seeing more of civilisation, beyond the boundaries of Zion. He shows great interest in learning about the 'civilized' lands instead of just hearing tales from the resident missionaries and traders. This desire is often seen conflicting with his strong sense of loyalty for his tribe and the mentorship of Joshua Graham.

He is a possible companion character in the DLC. His presence offers benefits for players fond of Exploration, as when he's in player's party, they receive Follows-Chalk's Spotting perk, which marks hostile characters much more visibly.

His fighting style primarily relies on his .45 Auto Pistol and traditional tomahawk. He also displays a good knowledge of local flora and fauna. However, his naive nature might lead to several misconceptions about the world outside Zion.

In terms of personality, Follows-Chalk is amiable, enthusiastic, curious, yet somewhat naive due to his tribal upbringing. His dialogue is a mix of colloquial English and tribal idioms, which shows the influence of the New Canaanites (another faction) on his tribe.

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