ED-E (Cloned) Companion ID

Companion ID for ED-E (Cloned) in Fallout: New Vegas.

ED-E (Cloned) Companion ID

The companion ID for ED-E (Cloned) is xx004CDA.


player.placeatme xx004CDA

This command will spawn ED-E (Cloned) on top of you.

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ED-E (Cloned) in Fallout New Vegas is a clone of the original Eyebot ED-E that the player may end up producing by handing over the original to the Followers of the Apocalypse or the Brotherhood of Steel.

It retains the same abilities as the original ED-E, including its Enhanced Sensors perk, which allows the player to detect enemies at increased range.

While it has the look of the original, it is treated as a separate entity in the game and will remain with the player even if the original is not present.


ED-E (Cloned) is a unique Model Eyebot companion that appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Lonesome Road. He is the end result of the original ED-E being duplicated by Ulysses in the Divide.

ED-E (Cloned) has identical stats as to the original ED-E. It has a perception of 10 and a health of 150. However, it is not eligible for the Camarader-E & Enhanced Sensors companion perks.

One notable detail is that he possesses a special attack called "laser," which he can perform at a distance. He can wield both Fist class and pistol-class weapons. ED-E (Cloned) mainly distinguishes himself from his Mojave counterpart by the fact that he has been equipped with a crafting station, so you can repair your items, reload ammunition, and craft items using him.

As in the case of the original ED-E, the cloned ED-E is also silent except for the standard Eyebot beeps and whistles. And in terms of appearance, he looks exactly like the original ED-E, that is, a small, hovering robot with a camera and arms, depending on whether it is in combat or standby mode.

Overall, ED-E (Cloned) combines the utility of a crafter and a ranged companion who can aid in numerous situations. He carries over the key traits of the original ED-E but with its unique addition, offering players a helpful asset in the harsh world of the Divide in Fallout: New Vegas - Lonesome Road.

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