Raul Alfonso Tejada Companion ID

Companion ID for Raul Alfonso Tejada in Fallout: New Vegas.

Raul Alfonso Tejada Companion ID

The companion ID for Raul Alfonso Tejada is 000E60EF.


player.placeatme 000E60EF

This command will spawn Raul Alfonso Tejada on top of you.

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Raul Alfonso Tejada is a Ghoul mechanic and gunslinger living in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281. He's originally from Mexico and has had a long, tragic life dating back to the pre-War era, surviving the nuclear apocalypse and becoming a ghoul due to radiation exposure.

Raul has mechanical skills which can be utilized to maintain the player's weapons and he can serve as a companion character. He's characterized by his cynical humor, old-west gunslinger vibe, and his unique perspective on post-apocalypse life.


Raul Alfonso Tejada is one of the fascinating companion characters you'll meet in the game Fallout: New Vegas. He is a ghoulish mechanic and gunslinger, imbued with a series of skills that can be hugely beneficial to your cause.

Raul's backstory is both complex and captivating. He was born in 2047 in Mexico City, before the catastrophic Great War that defines the Fallout universe. The war struck when he was a teenager, and the resulting nuclear blasts caused severe burns to his body, leading him to transform into a ghoul. This turned out to be a somewhat unique experience, as he became essentially immortal and stopped physically aging, but his appearance became zombie-like, a common trait among ghouls.

Over the centuries, Raul traveled across the United States, experiencing adventures and hardships that honed his skills as an exceptional repairman and gunfighter. He eventually found himself in the Mojave waste, inhabiting Black Mountain until the continuous radio transmissions started affecting his sanity. The Courier (player) can free him from Black Mountain and, if done so, Raul can join the player and be a loyal companion.

Technical skills and combat-wise, his Repair skill is 100 and his Guns skill is 88, making him an expert mechanic and a formidable fighter. He has a unique .44 Magnum revolver named "Raul's Revolver", a perfect fit for his Gunslinging capabilities. He is also beneficial as a companion because he can extend the condition of the player's weapons with his "Regular Maintenance" perk.

Raul's personality is marked by a blend of pessimism and old-world charm. He has a snarky yet wise demeanor, often sharing insights about the harsh realities of life in the wasteland. His witty banter, relatable backstory, and the inherent duality of his character (resigned cynicism and hesitant hope) make him a compelling and likable companion.

In his personal quest, "Old School Ghoul," the Courier encounters two different paths for Raul's future - either to convince Raul to live up to his glory days as a gunslinger, under which he would acquire the "Vaquero" perk, or to persuade him to embrace his mechanic skills, earning the "Full Maintenance" perk.

Overall, Raul is an intriguing character, packed with a rich backstory, excellent combat and support skills, and unique contributions to the game's story. His centuries-long lifetime lends a unique perspective missing from other characters, making his potential impact on the Courier's journey significant.

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