Lily Bowen Companion ID

Companion ID for Lily Bowen in Fallout: New Vegas.

Lily Bowen Companion ID

The companion ID for Lily Bowen is 0013D834.


player.placeatme 0013D834

This command will spawn Lily Bowen on top of you.

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Lily Bowen is a Nightkin Super Mutant, and a possible companion to the player.

A former grandmother turned mutant, Lily struggles with her mental health due to excessive Stealth Boy usage which caused her schizophrenia. She's an effective melee fighter and can provide significant aid in close combat situations.

Despite her intimidating appearance, Lily is kind-hearted and has a soft spot for her 'grandkids', referring to the player as her 'Leo'. The different aspects of her personality are distinctively reflected through various dialogue choices and actions throughout the game.


Lily Bowen is a Nightkin, a subspecies of super mutants, and serves as a possible companion to your character in "Fallout: New Vegas." Nightkins are unique for their blue skin, towering height, and incredible strength, a result of their exposure to Stealth Boy technology. They are also known for their mental instability, and Lily is no exception, often exhibiting eccentric behavior and struggling with her grip on reality.

Before she became a mutant, Lily was a simple grandmother living in Vault 17. However, when the Master's army attacked the vault, Lily was captured and exposed to Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV), which turned her into a mutant. She served as a high-ranking agent in the Master's army but after her master's defeat, she wandered with other super mutants and nightkin to Jacobstown.

Lily is one of the most physically powerful companions you can recruit and is extremely handy in melee combat. She wields her custom-made weapon "Lily's Vertibird Blade," which is highly effective.

Beneath her somewhat terrifying exterior, Lily has a kind, nurturing nature, presented through her subtle grandma-like qualities. These are remnants from her past, and she often believes that she's speaking with her grandchildren, not the wasteland survivor who she's really accompanying.

She also struggles with her mental state, experienced by her split personality disorder. She takes medicine to keep Leo, her violent alternate personality, at bay. She refers to Leo when talking about her violent outbursts and tendencies. In Lily's companion quest, "Guess Who I Saw Today," you'll explore more about her schizophrenia and the decision whether to regulate her medication to help manage her violent tendencies or allow her to embrace them.

Lily is a complex character and strikes a nice balance between a fierce warrior and a kind-hearted grandmother. She is a testament to the deep characterization found in "Fallout: New Vegas."

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