Christine Royce Companion ID

Companion ID for Christine Royce in Fallout: New Vegas.

Christine Royce Companion ID

The companion ID for Christine Royce is xx0012FF.


player.placeatme xx0012FF

This command will spawn Christine Royce on top of you.

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Christine Royce is a Brotherhood of Steel scribe found in the Big MT. She is the lost lover of Veronica Santangelo, also from the Brotherhood of Steel.

Christine doesn't speak due to her throat being scarred by an Auto-Doc during the operation. This varies as she eventually gains the ability to communicate with sign language or even verbally depending on player choices.

She is a capable and determined warrior who is skilled in stealth, technology and firearms. Her past is colored with traumatic experiences, leading to a complex and nuanced personality.


Christine Royce is a non-playable character in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money. Royce is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel's Circle of Steel, an in-house internal affairs division. An accomplished character with a scientist's mind and a soldier's body, Christine possesses several unique abilities that allow her to excel as an assassin and covert operative, making her one of the Circle's best agents.

Throughout the character arc, Christine is portrayed as a no-nonsense, critically thinking, and adaptable individual with a strong sense of loyalty and duty towards her Brotherhood of Steel. However, she also shows signs of resentment and uncompromising stubbornness, primarily towards Elder Elijah, who is responsible for her being trapped in the Sierra Madre, as well as the frequent, direct voice commands she receives through her bomb collar.

In the game, Christine's physical features are marred by a severe auto-doc mishap in the Sierra Madre, causing her to be unable to speak. However, she can communicate telepathically, which is a unique and interesting feature of her character.

Throughout the Dead Money storyline, players can choose to aid or argue with Christine, potentially leading to different outcomes. Her ending can be one of tragedy, escape, or enlightenment, depending on the choices made by the player. If the player takes the time to truly understand and help Christine, she will become an ally who is willing to risk her life for the player character. Despite her initial distrust, Christine's character development is an exploration of trust, survival, and the horrors of the past.

Her abilities include being skilled in Energy Weapons, Melee Weapons and Explosives and has a high Sneak ability. In combat, she is useful for short and long distance due to her proficiency with the sniper rifle and the powerful melee weapon, the cosmic knife.

Christine Royce is a profoundly resilient character and one of the more nuanced, well-developed characters offered by the Fallout New Vegas game. She not only serves as an insightful look into the inner workings and philosophies of the often mysterious Brotherhood of Steel, but she also acts as a compelling connection to the player's own struggle and survival in the dangerous wasteland.

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