Dog/God Companion ID

Companion ID for Dog/God in Fallout: New Vegas.

Dog/God Companion ID

The companion ID for Dog/God is xx001301.


player.placeatme xx001301

This command will spawn Dog/God on top of you.

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Dog/God is a Nightkin character, representing two split personalities residing in one body due to schizophrenia.

Dog is his slave personality - simple-minded, loyal, yet dangerous.

God, on the other hand, is the cunning and self-aware personality, manifesting when the Nightkin is under stress.

He is encountered in the Sierra Madre Casino. His personality switch can be initiated by the player via a special voice command.


Dog/God is one of the most complex and intriguing characters in Fallout: New Vegas's Dead Money DLC. He is essentially two personalities trapped in one super mutant's body, both of them having starkly contrasting character traits.

  • Dog Personality: The Dog personality is a loyal, obedient, and submissive companion who suffers from acute hunger due to radiation. Despite his loyalty, he acts on instinct and is easily manipulated, which can sometimes lead to dangerous consequences. He is also not very intelligent and relies on others to provide him with orders.

  • God Personality: The God personality is incredibly intelligent, cunning, and manipulative. He is aware of Dog and often despises him due to his subservience. Despite his cynical and aloof nature, God's underlying goal is to protect Dog from harm by controlling their shared body. He largely avoids unnecessary conflict and prefers to use strategy over brute force.

How the player chooses to interact with Dog/God forms a central part of the Dead Money storyline. The player can convince one personality to dominate the other, merge the two, or let them coexist as they are. Each choice has lasting impacts and possible consequences later in the game. His condition encourages players to approach problems beyond mere combat, often requiring thoughtful dialogue and decision-making instead.

Dog/God's representation of split personality disorder allows for a deep exploration of mental illness and coping mechanisms in a post-apocalyptic setting, thus contributing to the narrative richness of Fallout: New Vegas.

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