Craig Boone Companion ID

Companion ID for Craig Boone in Fallout: New Vegas.

Craig Boone Companion ID

The companion ID for Craig Boone is 00092BD2.


player.placeatme 00092BD2

This command will spawn Craig Boone on top of you.

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Craig Boone is a retired NCR 1st Recon sharpshooter and Novac's night-shift town guard, living in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.

He's characterized by his gruff demeanor, guilt over his past actions, and distaste towards the Legion. Known for his exceptional shooting skills, he makes a great companion for the player character.

His wife was sold into slavery, a traumatic event that causes him to harbor a deep hatred against slavers and the Legion.


Craig Boone is a companion character in Fallout: New Vegas, and a talented ex-NCR sniper with a grim past. He is first encountered in the town of Novac, working as a security guard for the Dino Dee-lite Motel. Boone is generally a rough, gruff character, deeply affected by the trauma of his past.

Background: Boone was previously a member of the New California Republic's First Reconnaissance Battalion, a group of elite snipers. He served in the Bitter Springs Massacre, a tragic event where the Great Khans, a gang of raiders, were mistaken for a larger force, resulting in heavy civilian casualties. Following this, Boone was dismissed from the NCR military.

In a personal tragedy, his wife, Carla, was sold into slavery by local residents to Caesar's Legion while he was on duty, leading to him becoming harsh and withdrawn. Boone is haunted by guilt as he himself ended her suffering when he came across her being transported, choosing this option over a life of slavery for her.

Traits: Boone is marked by stoicism, cynicism, and sharpshooting skills. He's skilled with ranged weapons, especially rifles, making him an excellent companion for ranged combat. Boone abhors Caesar's Legion, which adds depth to his character, and impacts his choice of companionship.

Interactions: If the player character persuades Boone to join their side, he continues to show great prowess throughout the game, proving helpful in multiple combat circumstances. Boone's personal quest, "I Forgot to Remember to Forget", involves his traumatic past, and encouraging him to face it.

Personality: Boone tends to be a loner and is often times pessimistic due to his past events. He values loyalty, honesty and despises slavery and oppression. He also remains dedicated to the ideals of the NCR, despite his disillusionment with its actions. In conversation, he's often terse and blunt.

Craig Boone is a deep and complex character riddled with guilt and bitterness. He is a potent ally with a compelling, tragic background, adding a layer of emotional depth to Fallout: New Vegas.

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