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Honest Hearts Perks

Fallout New Vegas perk requirements, benefits, rank, base ID, and spawn command.
DLC Required
Unlock Conditions
Base ID
Sneering Imperialist +15% Damage
+25% accuracy in V.A.T.S. to some tribal and raider characters
Fight the Power! +2 Damage Threshold
+5% Critical probability against those wearing Legion, NCR or Brotherhood of Steel armor
Grunt 25% more damage xx00f677
Tribal Wisdom -50% Limb damage from animals, mutated animals, and mutated insects
+25% Poison resistance
Can eat mutated insects in sneak mode
The Way of the Canaanite
Decrease in spread
Double the critical probability for .45 Auto pistols
Eye for Eye +10% damage per each crippled limb xx00b2f4
Well-Stacked Cairns
+3 temporary Perception if you reach summits. Closeby map markers will also be revealed rception temporarily. xx00b2f6
Home on the Range Option of sleeping when interacting with campfires, with all the benefits that sleep brings. xx00b2f3
Quiet As The Waters
-3 decrease in White Legs' Perception xx00b2f7