Broad Daylight Perk ID

Perk ID for Broad Daylight in Fallout: New Vegas.

Broad Daylight Perk ID

The perk ID for Broad Daylight is xx00A6DF.


player.addperk xx00A6DF

This command will give you the perk, Broad Daylight.

player.removeperk xx00A6DF

This command will remove the perk, Broad Daylight.

addperk xx00A6DF

This command will add the perk, Broad Daylight, to the selected NPC.

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You're so sneaky that you can sneak even with your Pip-Boy light on! Any time the Pip-Boy light is on, you gain a sneak bonus to offset the light's sneak penalty.


  • Pip-Boy 3000's light does not affect Sneak
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