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Dead Money Perks

Fallout New Vegas perk requirements, benefits, rank, base ID, and spawn command.
DLC Required
Unlock Conditions
Base ID
Old World Gourmet +25% addiction resistance
+50% health bonus if you eat snack foods
Wine, Scotch, and vodka give additional health
Signal Interference
+50% time to escape signals xx008a2e
Sierra Madre Martini Speak with Dean Domino. Receive Sierra Madre martini recipe. You can create the martini with 2 junk food, 1 tin can, and 1 jar of Cloud residue. xx01039e
Coin Operator Speak with Christine. Receive Sierra Madra chips recipe. Using 1 fission battery and 2 scrap metal, you can create 50 Sierra Madre chips. xx01039b
Elijah's Ramblings Keep holomessage from Elijah after it is unlocked by Veronica. +50% Boost in melee critical damage xx00d4a9
Elijah's Last Words Give holomessage from Elijah to Veronica. +150% Boost in Veronica's melee attack speed
25% probability to Veronica for melee attacks to knock down enemies
Ghost Hunter Speak with Dog. Ghost people are more likely to die without needing to be dismembered or disintegrated xx01039a
And Stay Back +10% chase of knocking back an enemy for shotguns (per pellet) xx00f218
Unclean Living
25% less damage (Temporary cloud protection) xx008a2f
In Shining Armor No effect. Bug. xx00f216, xx00f217
In My Footsteps
Traps do not activate
Stealth increase
Heavyweight Weapons with a weight of 10 or more are cut in half. xx011468
Light Touch Gain +5% critical hit probability while wearing light armor
Enemies suffer a -25% critical hit probability
Junk Rounds Ability to craft ammunition using scrap metal and tin cans xx00fb6a
Hobbler +25% probability of hitting an opponent's legs in V.A.T.S. xx011469