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20 Perks

Fallout New Vegas perk requirements, benefits, rank, base ID, and spawn command.
DLC Required
Unlock Conditions
Base ID
Solar Powered +2 Strength and +1 HP per second when outside, between 6 AM and 6 PM 00031dc5
Grim Reaper's Sprint A kill in V.A.T.S. restores 20 AP instantly 00099834
Explorer All locations are marked on the map 00031de5
Them's Good Eatin' Any living creature killed has a 50% probability of having thin red paste or blood sausage when looted. These are excellent healing items. xx0098c9
Eye for Eye +10% damage per each crippled limb xx00b2f4
Atomic! +25% move and attack speed in irradiated areas
+2 DT, +2 ST in irradiated areas
AP regen scales from 1.1 times to 1.5 times normal
Ninja x1.15 critical probability with melee and unarmed weapons
+25% damage with melee and unarmed sneak attack criticals.
Mile in Their Shoes Consuming nightstalker squeezin's grants bonuses to Perception (+1 PER), Poison Resistance (+5), and Stealth (+5 Sneak) xx009619