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None Snow Globes

Fallout New Vegas Snow Globe base ID and location.
DLC Required
Base ID
Goodsprings 0015db3a Goodsprings Cemetery. The snow globe is located at the second grave to the west of the Courier's grave.
Hoover Dam 0015db39 Hoover Dam visitor center. The snow globe is on the welcome desk.
Mormon Fort 0015db37 Old Mormon Fort. Inside the fort, enter the door to the tower, and you will find the snow globe upstairs located on a shelf.
Mt. Charleston 0015db38 Jacobstown lodge. The snow globe is sitting on the reception desk.
Nellis AFB 0015db3c Nellis Air Force Base, Nellis Boomer Museum. The snow globe can be found on the table to your right, right after after you have entered the building.
Test Site 0015db3b Cocktail lounge of the Lucky 38 Casino. The snow globe is located on the counter behind the cash register. It will have a green lamp next to it. You will need to first speak with Mr. House in order to access this area.
The Strip 0015db3d Vault 21 Hotel. The snow globe is on the nightstand in Sarah's room. Ths is in the northeast corner of Vault 21. If you need the key, you can pickpocket Sarah.