Big MT Snow Globe ID

Snow globe ID for Big MT in Fallout: New Vegas.

Big MT Snow Globe ID

Old World Blues
The snow globe ID for Big MT is xx00CDC6.


player.additem xx00CDC6

This command will add the Big MT snow globe to your inventory.

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"These rare, pre-War artifacts are widely considered to be useless baubles, but rumor has it that some collectors will pay dearly for them."


The Big MT snow globe is a special collectible item in Fallout: New Vegas, found in the add-on Old World Blues.

This snow globe depicts the secret research facility known as Big Mountain (or Big MT), where Old World Blues takes place. It's a detailed miniature version of the Think Tank, showcasing the facility inside a snow globe, with faux snowflakes that flurry when shaken.

In the game, this particular globe is found in the Z-38 lightwave dynamics research building. The snow globe doesn't give any benefits or caps by itself. However, if the player has found and activated the "Snow Globe Stand" in the Sink, each snow globe found will automatically be transported to the stand and 2,000 caps will be given to the player for each. It helps to increase game score, offering a unique sense of accomplishment and exploration in the vast world of Fallout: New Vegas.

What are snow globes?

In Fallout: New Vegas, snow globes are unique collectible items scattered throughout the Mojave Wasteland.

Unlike the typical snow globes one might find in the real world, these don't depict serene winter scenes; instead, they showcase various landmarks or themes from the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout.

Once collected, players can sell these snow globes to Mr. House, the enigmatic and wealthy owner of the New Vegas Strip, for a considerable sum of bottle caps, the game's primary currency.

Additionally, after being sold, each snow globe takes its place on a display shelf in the Lucky 38 presidential suite, serving as a trophy of the player's exploration achievements.

Collecting all of them is a fun side challenge and offers players a deeper connection to the game's expansive world and lore.

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Snow GlobeSnow Globe ID
Big MTxx00CDC6
Hoover Dam0015DB39
Lonesome Roadxx004687
Mormon Fort0015DB37
Mt. Charleston0015DB38
Nellis AFB0015DB3C
Sierra Madrexx00FE80
Test Site0015DB3B
The Strip0015DB3D
Zion National Parkxx00EDF5
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