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removefromfaction Command


This command removes the selected NPC from the specified faction.

removefromfaction [Faction ID]
Remove brackets [ ] from the command.


The ID of the faction you want to remove the NPC from.


The removefromfaction console command allows players to remove a specific NPC (Non-Player Character) from a particular faction.

Factions in Fallout: New Vegas are groups or organizations with shared goals, beliefs, or objectives. Examples include the New California Republic (NCR), Caesar's Legion, and the Brotherhood of Steel.

By using this command, players can alter the allegiances of characters, potentially changing the dynamics of interactions, quests, and the overall storyline.

How to use the removefromfaction command

  • Selecting the NPC: Click on the NPC you wish to remove from a faction.

  • Entering the Command: Type removefromfaction [faction id] and press Enter. Replace [faction id] with the ID of the faction you want the NPC to be removed from. View all faction IDs here:

For example, if you wanted to remove an NPC from the NCR faction, and the faction ID for NCR is 000A46E7, you would type:

removefromfaction 000A46E7


Game Dynamics: Removing an NPC from a faction can significantly alter the game's dynamics. The NPC might no longer be hostile or friendly towards the player or other NPCs associated with that faction.

Quests: Some quests might become unavailable or might not progress as intended if key NPCs are removed from their respective factions.

Reverse the command

If you change your mind or make an error, you can use the addtofaction command to revert the changes.

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Here are examples of how to use removefromfaction.

removefromfaction 0001B2A4

This command will remove the selected NPC from your own Player Character's faction.

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