Whiskey Rose Perk ID

Perk ID for Whiskey Rose in Fallout: New Vegas.

Whiskey Rose Perk ID

The perk ID for Whiskey Rose is 0015C60D.


player.addperk 0015C60D

This command will give you the perk, Whiskey Rose.

player.removeperk 0015C60D

This command will remove the perk, Whiskey Rose.

addperk 0015C60D

This command will add the perk, Whiskey Rose, to the selected NPC.

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While Cass is a companion, she and the player gain Damage Threshold when they drink Whiskey. Additionally, the player does not suffer intelligence loss from consuming alcohol and ignores the negative effects of alcohol addiction.


  • No negative effects from alcohol, whiskey and wasteland tequila
  • Temporarily increase DT

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