Khan Trick Perk ID

Perk ID for Khan Trick in Fallout: New Vegas.

Khan Trick Perk ID

The perk ID for Khan Trick is 0015B8E7.


player.addperk 0015B8E7

This command will give you the perk, Khan Trick.

player.removeperk 0015B8E7

This command will remove the perk, Khan Trick.

addperk 0015B8E7

This command will add the perk, Khan Trick, to the selected NPC.

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By relying on the dirty unarmed fighting tricks of the Great Khans, you can throw dust into the eyes of your enemies, temporarily stunning them. Perform a Power Attack while moving left or right to execute the Khan Trick.


  • Perform a Power Attack while strafing left or right to temporarily stun enemies by throwing dust into their eyes.

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Khan Trick0015B8E7
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