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player.getav Command


This command gets the current value of Skills, S.P.E.C.I.A.L., or Karma amount.

player.getav [Character Variable]
Remove brackets [ ] from the command.


The name of the character variable you want to get. View all character variables here:


What is the player.getav Command?

The player.getav command is used to retrieve the current value of a specified actor value from the player character.

Actor values are numerical values that represent various attributes, skills, and stats of a character. Examples include health, stamina, skills like guns or speech, and many others.

How to Use the player.getav Command

Type player.getav [actor value] and press Enter. Replace [actor value] with the name of the actor value you wish to retrieve.

For example, if you wanted to check your character's current health level, you would type:

player.getav health

The console will then display the current value of the specified actor value for the player character.


Informational Use: The player.getav command is primarily used for informational purposes. It allows players to check their current stats, skills, and other attributes without navigating through the game's menus.

Complementary Commands: While player.getav retrieves values, other commands like player.setav and playermodav allow players to set or modify these values, respectively.

The player.getav command is a handy tool for players who want a quick and direct way to check their character's stats, skills, and other attributes. By understanding and utilizing this command, players can gain deeper insights into their character's current state and make more informed decisions in their gameplay.

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Here are examples of how to use player.getav.

player.getav Karma

This command will get the current value of Karma.

player.getav health

This command will get the current health value.

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