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Battle rifle
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Fallout New Vegas Weapons Share
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DLC Required
Weapon Battle rifle
Fallout New Vegas Weapon Stats Share
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Damage per Shot 48
Damage per Second 92
Rate of Fire 1
Critical Chance Multiplier x1
Critical Hit Damage 48
Action Point Cost 25
Damage per Action Point 1.92
Weapon Spread 0
Ammunition Used .308 round
Magazine Capacity (Shots per Reload) 8
Weapon Durability in Shot until Broken 1495
Weapon Weight 9
Value (in Caps) 1500
Value to Weight Ratio 158
Skill Required
Strength Required
Fallout New Vegas Weapon Command Share
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Base ID xx000812
Opening the Console To open the console in Fallout New Vegas, press the ~ key while you are in the game. This key is usually to the left of the 1 key and below the Esc key. Enter the cheat command then press the Enter key.
Command Commands that you can use include:
player.setweaponhealthperc [Percentage]: This will set the health of the weapon you are currently equipped with. Use 100 to fully repair the weapon.

The command player.additem [Base ID] [Quantity] will spawn the the item.
Example The command player.additem xx000812 2 will spawn 2 Battle rifles.

Other Weapons

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9mm pistol
Weapon: 16 50.0 3.13 x1 16.0
Light machine gun
Weapon: 21 252.0 12.0 x.06 21.0
12.7mm pistol
Weapon: 40 110.0 2.75 x1 40.0
Assault carbine
Weapon: 13 156.0 12.0 x.06 13.0
Riot shotgun
Weapon: 67
(9.5 x7) 268.0 4.0 x1 10.0
H&H Tools nail gun
Weapon: 9 126.0 14.0 x0.12 9.0
Weapon: 26 156.0 6.0 x1 26.0
Abilene Kid LE BB gun
Weapon: 4 6.2 1.54 x1.5 70.0
CZ57 Avenger
Weapon: 13 390.0 30.0 x0.5 13.0
Hunting rifle
Weapon: 52 49.3 0.95 x2 52.0

More Weapons

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Police pistol
Weapon: 30 60.0 2.0 x1 45.0
Ranger Sequoia
Weapon: 62 104.6 1.69 x1.5 62.0
Li'l Devil
Weapon: 45 146.3 3.25 x2 45.0
BB gun
Weapon: 4 6.2 1.54 x1 4.0
A Light Shining in Darkness
Weapon: 33 144.4 4.38 x2 33.0
Dinner Bell
Weapon: 75
(10.7 x7) 125.0 1.67 x1 11.0
Medicine Stick
Weapon: 78 108.0 1.38 x1 78.0
Anti-materiel rifle
Weapon: 110 49.3 0.45 x1 110.0
Marksman carbine
Weapon: 24 136.8 5.7 x1 24.0
10mm pistol
Weapon: 22 60.5 2.75 x1 22.0

Other Weapons

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Shoulder mounted machine gun
Weapon: 30 210.0 7.0 x0 20.0
9mm SMG
Weapon: 14 154.0 11.0 x0.06 14.0
Weapon: 12 240.0 20.0 x0.5 12.0
Vance's 9mm SMG
Weapon: 17 221.0 13.0 x0.05 17.0
Automatic rifle
Weapon: 40 240.0 6.0 x.18 40.0
Mysterious Magnum
Weapon: 42 102.4 2.44 x1 42.0
Weathered 10mm pistol
Weapon: 24 66.0 2.75 x1 24.0
10mm SMG
Weapon: 19 171.0 9.0 x0.08 19.0
5.56mm pistol
Weapon: 28 77.0 2.75 x2 28.0
.45 Auto SMG
Weapon: 26 286.0 11.0 x0.06 26.0

All of Fallout New Vegas Commands

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Similar Weapons to Battle rifle

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Cattle prod
Weapon: 5 11.5 2.3 x2 5.0
Fortune Finder
Perk: Regular 1.0 Regular
Companion: Prototype eyebot created for reconnaissance and combat. Enclave (formerly) Johnson Nash Courier ED-E My Love Primm. Enhanced Sensors, Camarader-E
Skill: Endurance Endurance Proficiency in poison crafting, cooking, and crafting natural equipment and consumables. The Surivval skill will also provide improved benefits from food. The associated stat with the skill Survival is Endurance. The skill Survival will give you proficiency in poison crafting, cooking, and crafting natural equipment and consumables. The Surivval skill will also provide improved benefits from food. The associated skill magazine is 'Lad's Life' and the associated skill book is 'The Wasteland Survival Guide'. Lad's Life
Arcade Israel Gannon
Companion: Member of the Followers of the Apocalpyse in 2281. Enclave, Followers of the Apocalypse, Courier, Caesar, Enclave Remnants Beyond the Beef; Bitter Springs; Infirmary Blues; Et Tumor, Brute?; For Auld Lang Syne Freeside's Old Mormon Fort Better Healing
Fiend battle helmet
Armor: Helmet No No No Helmet
Lily Bowen
Companion: Nightkin and former assassin who was in the Master's army. Vault 17, The Unity, Jacobstown, Courier Guess Who I Saw Today, Lily and Leo Jacobstown. Must first get the quest Guess Who I Saw Today. Stealth Girl
Battle rifle
Weapon: 48 92.6 1.93 x1 48.0
NCR mantle armor
Armor: Medium No No No Medium
Just Lucky I'm Alive
Perk: Regular Lonesome Road 1.0 Regular Lonesome Road