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Fallout New Vegas traits, benefits, penalties, and code / ID.
DLC Required
Built to Destroy +3% critical hit chance +15% faster decay of weapon condition 00137b02
Fast Shot First guns and energy weapons 20% faster
AP cost for guns and energy weapons 20% lower
-20% accuracy of guns and energy weapons 00135ec7
Four Eyes +2 Perception when wearing glasses -1 Perception. This is a permanent reduction. 00135ec4
Good Natured +5 increase for Speech, Repair, Medicine, Science and Barter skills -5 decrease in Explosives, Energy Weapons, Guns, Melee Weapons and Unarmed skills 00137afe
Heavy Handed +20% more ddamage for melee and unarmed -60% less critical hit damage for melee and unarmed 00135ec5
Kamikaze +10 Action Points -2 Damage threshold 00135f05
Loose Cannon +30% attack speed for thrown weapons -25% in range for thrown weapons 00164ed1
Small Frame +1 Agility 25% increase in limb damage (Fragile limbs) 00135ec6
Trigger Discipline +20% accuracy for guns and energy weapons -20% reducation in firing speed of guns and energy weapons
+20% AP cost for guns and energy weapons
Wild Wasteland Adds additional wacky content
Modifies existing content and special encounters
Removes access to some sane content 000ed568
Claustrophobia + 1 to SPECIAL attributes when outdoors -1 to SPECIAL attributes when indoors. xx0133ae
Early Bird +2 to SPECIAL attributes between 6am and12pm -1 to SPECIAL attributes from 6pm to 6am. xx012767
Hoarder +25 lbs to total carry weight -1 to SPECIAL attributes while current equipment weight is below 160 lbs. xx01276d
Hot Blooded +15% damage increase when below 50% health -2 to Perception and Agility when below 50% health. xx01276b
Logan's Loophole Chems last twice as long
Addiction rates set to zero
Level cap is locked at 30 xx01276e
Skilled +5 points to every skill -10% from experience gained xx012b86