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Detailed help for Fallout New Vegas console commands.

To open the console in Fallout New Vegas, press the ~ key while you are in the game. This key is usually to the left of the 1 key and below the Esc key. Enter the cheat command then press the Enter key.

Disclaimer: Because commands can sometimes make unexpected changes to your game, it is recommended that you save your game before using any commands.
addreputation [Base ID] [1 or 0] [Quantity] addreputation [Base ID] [1 or 0] [Quantity] Add player reputation. The maximum value is 100. Use 1 to add reputation to your fame. Use 0 to add reputation to infamy.
removereputation [Base ID] [1 or 0] [Quantity] removereputation [Base ID] [1 or 0] [Quantity] Remove player reputation. The maximum value is 100. Use 1 to remove reputation to your fame. Use 0 to remove reputation to infamy.
setreputation [Base ID] [1 or 0] [Quantity] setreputation [Base ID] [1 or 0] [Quantity] Set reputation. The maximum value is 100. Use 1 to set reputation for fame and 0 to set reputation for infamy.
removefromallfactions removefromallfactions Remove the Courier from all factions, include the player's faction. the Courier from all factions. Also removes them from the 'Player' faction.
setally [Base ID 1] [Base ID 2] [1 or 0 for Base ID 1] [1 or 0 for Base ID 2] setally [Base ID 1] [Base ID 2] [1 or 0 for Base ID 1] [1 or 0 for Base ID 2] Determine the factions' allied status with each other. Base ID 1 is the first faciton and Base ID 2 is the second faction. Use 1 to set the faction as an ally and 0 to set it as a friend.
setenemy [Base ID 1] [Base ID 2] [1 or 0 for Base ID 1] [1 or 0 for Base ID 2] setenemy [Base ID 1] [Base ID 2] [1 or 0 for Base ID 1] [1 or 0 for Base ID 2] Determine the factions' enemy status with each other. Base ID 1 is the first faciton and Base ID 2 is the second faction. Use 1 to set the faction to netural and 0 to set it as an enemy.
resetquest [Quest ID] resetquest [Quest ID] Resets the target quest and removes it from the quest log. WARNING: It is possible that this command will force you to redo other quests to receive this quest again.
movetoqt movetoqt Moves you to the current quest target.
showquestlog showquestlog Shows quest log.
GetQuestCompleted GetQuestCompleted Check to see if the current quest is complete. You see will see a 1, if the current quest is complete, and a 0 if it is not.
sqt sqt Generates list of current quest targets.
completequest [Quest ID] completequest [Quest ID] Completes targeted quest.
caqs caqs Completes all stages of all quests, including quests you have not received yet. This will complete the game, but the game will not end.
setstage [Quest ID] [Quest Stage Number] setstage [Quest ID] [Quest Stage Number] Moves quest in your quest log to the target quest stage. This is a better way of moving past certain parts of a quest rather than using the completequest [Quest ID] to force complete the quest.
setobjectivedisplayed [Quest ID] [Quest Stage Number] [1 or 0] setobjectivedisplayed [Quest ID] [Quest Stage Number] [1 or 0] Sets the quest objective to be displayed. You need to enter the Quest ID, which you can find in our Quest section as well as the Quest Stage Number. Then type 1 to display and 0 to remove.
player.setweaponhealthperc [Percentage] player.setweaponhealthperc [Percentage] Sets currently equipped weapon's health. [Percentage] can range between 0 and 100. Setting [Percentage] to 100 will fully repair the weapon.
player.additem [Base ID] [Quantity] player.additem [Base ID] [Quantity] Spawn the item based on its [Base ID]. You can set the number you would like to spawn.
player.removeitem [Base ID] [Quantity] player.removeitem [Base ID] [Quantity] Remove [Quantity] of the item.
player.additemhealthpercent [Base ID] [Quantity] [Quality] player.additemhealthpercent [Base ID] [Quantity] [Quality] Add item to your inventory, with a particular health condition.
setownership setownership Change the item's ownership to yours by left-clicking on the item and then typing the command unlock unlock Unlock doors, terminals, safes, and other locked containers. This command will work on most items.
lock [Lock Level] lock [Lock Level] Lock safes, terminals, doors, and other unlocked containers. You can set the difficulty of the lock. [Lock Leve] ranges from 0 to 101. 0 is very easy, 25 is relatively easy, 50 is medium, and 100 is very hard. Setting [Lock Level] to 101 will make the item unpickable.
player.srm player.srm Self-repair items up to your current repair skill.
setpccanusepowerarmor 1 setpccanusepowerarmor 1 Allow power armor to be wearable. The command setpccanusepowerarmor 0 will cause you to not be able to wear power armor.
player.setScale [Scale] player.setScale [Scale] Set the scale of the player. [Scale] ranges from 1 to 10. 1 is the default setting. 0.1 is extremely small and 10 is gigantic.
player.getav player.getav Get current value of Skills or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. amount.
player.modav [Actor Value] [Value] player.modav [Actor Value] [Value] Add or remove from Skills or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. amount. The [Actor Value] is the skill name.
player.forceav [Actor Value] [Value] player.forceav [Actor Value] [Value] Set the exact value of Skill or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. level. The [Actor Value] is the skill name. The [Value] can for a skill can range betwteen 1 and 100, and for S.P.E.C.I.A.L. can range between 1 and 10.
player.advlevel player.advlevel Levels you up by one level. The command does not add the corresponding experience points. If you want to level up to the next level naturally, you will need to earn back these experience points. You may want to use the player.rewardxp [Quantity] command to add experience points if you do not want to earn them.
player.rewardxp 10000 player.rewardxp 10000 Adds 10000 experience points. You will gain the corresponding levels.
showracemenu showracemenu Race editing.
showbarbermenu showbarbermenu Hair editing.
shownamemenu shownamemenu Rename your character.
player.addperk [Base ID] player.addperk [Base ID] Give you a particular perk or trait.
player.removeperk [Base ID] player.removeperk [Base ID] Remove target perk.
sexchange sexchange Change gender.
player.setav speedmult [Amount] player.setav speedmult [Amount] Change movement speed. [Amount] is a multipler that is denoted by a percentage. 50 will reduce speed by 50% or half, while 200 will double speed.
showtraitmenu showtraitmenu Change traits.
player.setlevel [Level] player.setlevel [Level] Set level.
addperk addperk Add perk to an NPC. Use the mouse to select an NPC and type the command.
resurrect resurrect Revives NPC and renews their inventory.
kill kill Kills NPC. WARNING: If you kill a quest related NPC, you may fail the quest.
killall killall Kills all non-invincible NPCs around you. WARNING: This may kill quest related NPCs. If you kill a quest related NPC, you may fail the quest.
tdetect tdetect Turn on or off AI player detection. This allows you to be hidden. Type in the command again to undo.
rdf rdf Reset dialog trees of all actors.
player.placeatme [Base ID] player.placeatme [Base ID] Spawns creature, NPC, containers, and objects. Note that the items will spawn on top of you.
addtofaction [1 or 0] addtofaction [1 or 0] Adds an NPC to a factor. If you use 1, the NPC will be an ally of the faction. If you use 0, the NPC will be friendly with the faction. Click on the NPC and then type this command.
removefromfaction [Faction ID] removefromfaction [Faction ID] Removes NPC from a faction.
tcai tcai Toggles NPC combat AI.
tai tai Toggles NPC AI.
ppenteammatecontainer 1 ppenteammatecontainer 1 Opens a teammate's container so that you can transfer inventory items.
SetRestrained 1 SetRestrained 1 Actor will stand still and will not engage in combat.
PlayIdle [Editor ID] PlayIdle [Editor ID] Plays an idle.
tfc [Value] tfc [Value] Toggle Free Camera mode. A [Value] of 1 will freeze the scene.
sgtm [Multiplier] sgtm [Multiplier] Set global time speed. A [Multiplier] of 0.5 will change the time speed to half as fast as the default. 1 is the default.
sucsm [Multiplier] sucsm [Multiplier] Set UFO cam movement speed. A [Multiplier] of 0.5 will change the time speed to half as fast as the default. 1 is the default.
tlb tlb Toggle Light Brite. This disables shadows and lights.
tcl tcl Toggle clipping
tmm [1 or 0] tmm [1 or 0] Show or hide all map makers. 1 will show all map markers. 0 will hide them.
tdt tdt Toggle debug display.
tlv tlv Toggle leaves.
tg tg Toggle grass.
tp tp Toggle view of spawns and projectiles.
tfow tfow Toggle fog of war.
tgm tgm Toggle god mode. God mode gives you unlimited health, ammnuition, and inventory space; you do not need to reload weapons.
tdm tdm Toggle demigod mode. Demigod mode gives you unlimited health, limited ammunition, you will need to reload, and you can carry an unlimited number of items.
EnablePlayerControls EnablePlayerControls Enables player controls.
disable disable Removes selected object from the game. To undo this, use the command enable will selecting the object.
enable enable Enable disabled objects.
movetoqt movetoqt Moves you to the quest target.
coc [Cell Name] coc [Cell Name] Force fast travel to a town or area.
tcg tcg Toggle Collision Geometry Visibility.
twf twf Toggle Wireframe.
tm tm Toggle HUD.
tvl tvl Toggle VATS lights.
incrementscriptedchallenge [Base ID] incrementscriptedchallenge [Base ID] Increases the value of a challenge by 1. Note that this does not work with all challenges.