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setreputation Command

Player ReputationFaction

This command sets the player's reputation with a faction, with values ranging between the standard minimum of 0 and maximum of 100. The variable determines if the amount is designated for the player's fame (1) or infamy (0) within the faction.

setreputation [Reputation Faction ID] [Variable] [Amount]
Remove brackets [ ] from the command.


The ID of the faction you wish to set your reputation with. View all faction IDs here:


Use 1 to set infamy with the faction. Use 0 to set fame with the faction.


The amount of reputation points you want to set. This can be any positive integer. This can be between 0 and 100.


If you wish to obtain an idolized reputation with any faction, you must both increase fame value to 90 and reduce infamy value to below 4.

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Here are examples of how to use setreputation.

setreputation 000FFAE8 1 5

This command will set your fame with the Booomers faction to 5.

setreputation 0011E662 1 10

This command will set your fame with the Brotherhood of Steel faction to 10.

setreputation 000F43DD 0 10

This command will set your infamy with the Caesar's Legion faction to 10.

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