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setobjectivedisplayed Command


This command determines which objective is visibly in-progress in your quest log. After inputting the stage number, type 1 to display the objective or 0 to remove it from view.

setobjectivedisplayed [Quest ID] [Quest State Number] [1 / 0]
Remove brackets [ ] from the command.


The ID of the quest. View all quest IDs here:

Quest State Number

The stage number you want to set the quest to.

1 / 0

Set to 1 to display. Set to 0 to remove.


The setobjectivedisplayed command allows players to manipulate which objectives are shown in their quest log. This can be particularly useful for players who want to customize their game experience, track specific quest stages, or even debug certain quest-related issues.

The setobjectivedisplayed command requires three parameters to function:

  • Quest ID: Every quest in "Fallout: New Vegas" has a unique identifier, known as the Quest ID. This ID is essential to specify which quest you're looking to modify.

  • Quest Stage Number: Quests in the game are segmented into various stages, each representing a specific objective or part of the quest. This number allows players to pinpoint exactly which part of the quest they're interested in.

  • Display/Remove Parameter: The final parameter determines the action you want to take. Inputting 1 will display the specified quest stage in your log, while 0 will remove it.

setobjectivedisplayed has several practical applications:

  • Custom Gameplay: Players can choose to display only specific objectives, allowing for a more tailored gameplay experience. This can be especially useful for those attempting challenge runs or role-playing specific character builds.

  • Debugging: Occasionally, quests might glitch, not showing objectives even if they're active. This command can help players manually display these objectives, ensuring they can continue their journey without hindrance.

  • Narrative Control: For players who enjoy crafting their own narratives or stories within the game, this command offers a way to control which objectives are active, allowing for a more curated storytelling experience.

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