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addreputation Command

Player ReputationFaction

This command adds to the player's reputation with a faction, capping at the standard maximum of 100. The variable specifies whether the addition is to the player's fame (1) or infamy (0) within that faction.

addreputation [Reputation Faction ID] [Variable] [Amount]
Remove brackets [ ] from the command.


The ID of the faction you wish to modify your reputation with. View all faction IDs here:


Use 1 to increase infamy with the faction. Use 0 to increase fame with the faction.


The amount of reputation points you want to add. This can be any positive integer. The higher the number, the greater the effect on your reputation. The maximum value is 100.


The addreputation command is used to modify the your reputation with a particular faction in the game.

If you wish to obtain an idolized reputation with any faction, you must both increase fame value to 90 and reduce infamy value to below 4.

In Fallout: New Vegas your actions can endear or antagonize them to various factions, and this command allows you to either increase or decrease their standing with these factions instantly.

Faction IDs

The following are faction IDs that you can use:

Brotherhood of Steel0011E662
Caesar's Legion000F43DD
Followers of the Apocalypse00124AD1
Great Khans0011989B
Powder Gangers001558E6
White Glove Society00116F16


If you want to increase your fame with Caesar's Legion by 50 points, you might enter:

addreputation 000f43dd 0 50

Conversely, if you wanted to increase your infamy with the NCR (New California Republic) by 25 points:

addreputation 000f43de 1 25


  • Experimentation: If you're curious about how different factions might respond to you at different levels of reputation, you can use this command to adjust your standing and then observe the results.

  • Corrections: If you feel like you made a mistake in-game or want to take a different path without replaying significant parts of the game, you can adjust your reputation to fit the narrative you desire.

  • Role-Playing: Perhaps you're doing a role-playing run where you want to be loved by one faction and hated by another. This command makes setting that up easy.

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Here are examples of how to use addreputation.

addreputation 000FFAE8 1 5

This command will add 5 fame to the Booomers faction.

addreputation 0011E662 1 10

This command will add 10 fame to the Brotherhood of Steel faction.

addreputation 000F43DD 0 10

This command will add 10 infamy to the Caesar's Legion faction.

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